Rights of Use – and make various data (audio recordings and texts) available at websites and on storage mediums. The usage of these data is subject to the rules below. Any other uses require, in any case, a written agreement.

In the following, data means all information that could be classified as descriptions, transcripts and audio recordings.

1. You are free to copy or process the offered data for personal use, to create original works of art, or for educational purposes. You need to give appropriate credit by mentioning “” as the source.

2. It is permitted to privately share content and sound files from as long as you give appropriate credit to the source.

3. It is permitted to quote in excerpts from these materials in accordance with German quotation rights. You have to indicate “” as the source, or – when applicable – use more detailed bibliographical data if available.

4. You are not allowed to make available to the public any unmodified data from the domains and

5. It is not permitted to use any data from the domains and in full or in excerpts to create or provide other information offers or print materials, or other media without further consultation.

6. All users are obliged to observe all legal regulations regarding German copyright laws and German data protection and privacy laws.

7. It is not permitted to use the data for commercial purposes or to create materials from the data that could be used in that way without the consent and authorization of or If you want to use the data for commercial purposes you will need a separate written agreement. Please write to “mail AT” if you are interested in that kind of usage. All other data, transcripts and texts are subject to copyright protection.

8. It is not permitted to use any names or addresses (also postal and email addresses, telephone numbers etc.) found on the websites and for commercial purposes (promotion, marketing etc.), or to forward these names and addresses for commercial purposes, or to use them to compile directories which are suitable for such purposes.