About is a free online sound archive.
Its objective is to reach schools, drama workshops, artists, musicians and free theatre groups by offering a wide range of concrete sounds developed in professional radio and sound art ambiences. features three different possibilities to search and find your sounds including descriptive texts of the archived sounds and is based on an old analogue archive including many historical samples of the 20th century.
We are proud to introduce this archive now to the international community of sound tinkerers. is a non-commercial initiative offering its contents online for non-commercial use. For more details please read the GTC. is maintained by volunteers, inspired by the concept of open source. Free access to the sounds, the possibility to download them and extending the archive even further are matters that are very close to our hearts. We would therefore like to continue our work and even make it available in other languages. However, without financial support, we will not succeed.

So please feel free to think about DONATIONS.

We are already working on adding recordings from other cultures and countries to the existing, mostly historical, sounds.
Have Fun!

Who we are

Since translating our sound-archive into English, there have been two of us: Jörg Bennöhr and Andreas Hagelüken. We met at the Technical University of Berlin back in the 1990s when we were both students. We have since co-operated in several projects and even won a radio award as an East-West team for a radio feature on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the fall of the wall. As we complement each other perfectly, we decided to launch our earlier developed sound archive in English.
Andreas Hagelüken as a musicologist is in charge of collecting, categorising and describing the sounds, while Jörg Bennöhr with his background in communications plans, conceptualises and designs the ultimate technical implementation.