9 mp3-audio-sounds for tag    Wood

*Tree falls cracking and crashing* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Tree trunk splintering, loudly cracking* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Sawing with a circular saw: humming motor, blade screaming* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Wood fire in the stove* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Hammering: nails are hammered into wood, outdoors* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*A slat is sawed through with regular movements and falls.* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Uneven hacking on a chopping block* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Planing a large board with the hand plane* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Fast smoothing of a board, in short movements* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download