9 mp3-audio-sounds for tag    rooster

*Two roosters crowing and hens clucking* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Propaganda from loudspeakers with crowing cock* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Quiet Morning Mood Mekong Delta, constant rustling of a cricket* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Morning mood with mopeds, foot steps and rooster* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Rooster crows cawingly and laboriously* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Young rooster crows forcefully* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Chickens cluckling happily until they are disturbed* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Farm: grunting and snorting close a pig* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Cock crowing twice* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download