9 mp3-audio-sounds for tag    Italy

*Autumn feel at an Italian market, with voices and rummaging* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Moderately busy ital. Bar or restaurant with a solo guitarist* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Pub with live acoustic music* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*On the platform: Just before departure, you can still buy Campari* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Barker hawking their wares* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Three bells tolling irregularly at a busy square* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Pedestrian zone in Italy* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Exhibition hall with lots of voices and footsteps* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Lively market bustle in Italy* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download