9 mp3-audio-sounds for tag    Call

*Vietnamese man trying to shout over the noise of the rice mill* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Vietnamese saleswoman praising her goods* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Two high-pitched short warning screeches of an owl* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Heron croaks, flutters and barks* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Heron looking for a mate flutters, chatters and squaws* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Lonely squawking seagull with the sea in the background* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Woodpecker calling out into its territory: chirp* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Woodpecker calling out excitedly and clamoring* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download

*Lively market scene with various barkers in Mexico* >>> mp3-audio-sound-download